CAOFC grew so much in 2016 that we need to expand our team! We’re looking for motivated individuals with a passion for writing about film and administration to head our growing organization.

Please see details below and send your resume to by Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

Job Title: Co-Executive Director
Start Date: April 2017
Compensation: Volunteer
Hours: 12 to 15 hours/week


Under the authority and guidance of the Board of Directors, the Executive Directors are responsible for the overall directing of operations to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.


The Executive Directors report to the Board of Directors.



  • Degree or diploma in a related field, or relevant experience

Skills and Experience:

  • proven management and administrative skills, including financial and human resource management
  • passion for, knowledge of, and experience in the areas of film, arts, culture, and multiculturalism
  • superior verbal and written communications skills
  • strong strategic planning and organizational ability
  • good communications skills and presence with the full range of media
  • excellent interpersonal skills essential to dealing effectively with a diverse group of interested and influential individuals as well as maintaining staff morale and direction


Board and Membership

  • assisting the Board in the development and implementation of long-term goals and objectives for the organization
  • serving as a consultant and resource person to the Board and its committees, and to the membership
  • implementing all policies, programs and other directives of the Board
  • ensuring all pertinent information is circulated to the Board and/or membership in a timely manner
  • overseeing the arrangement of, and formally reporting to, all Board and membership meetings held by the organization


  • establishing policies and procedures in keeping with the overall objectives of the organization
  • providing general direction to, and review of, all employees
  • ensuring adequate record-keeping in all areas of operations
  • ensuring that all correspondence is handled in an effective and timely manner
  • ensuring adequate maintenance of all property and equipment owned, rented or leased by the organization
  • maintaining confidentiality of all internal matters pertaining to the organization and its operations

Financial Administration

  • assessing short- and long-term financial needs and recommending appropriate courses of action
  • drafting and monitoring the annual operating budget and reporting regularly to the Board on the organization’s financial situation
  • authorizing expenditures within the total budget
  • identifying and pursuing all appropriate revenue sources and government grants and assisting with fundraising activities and events undertaken by the Board
  • implementing Board policies and directives with regard to financial management and advising the Board and committees on financial management and advising the Board and committees on financial priorities and budget matters where appropriate

Marketing, Promotion, and Public Relations

  • promoting the objectives of the organization through establishing positive working relationships with employees, volunteers, membership, Board and committees, the public, government departments, other cultural agencies and the media
  • developing and maintaining professional liaisons with the cultural community in support of issues of mutual concern
  • representing the organization at meetings with government and other agencies
  • acting in a senior public relations role to promote the organization, its goals and objectives at cultural community functions or other events

Program Management

  • developing ideas, programs and opportunities which will benefit the membership of the organization
  • planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating special projects of benefit to the organization
  • developing and implementing a fundraising strategy
  • attracting and retaining a qualified volunteer base


The Canadian Association of Online Film Critics (CAOFC) is an association of online film critics, reporters, commentators, historians, scholars, editors and publishers of film journalism in all Canadian provinces and territories.

Our goal is to support the careers of current and emerging film critics, editors, publishers, and podcasters through fellowship, advocacy, and professional development.


Please forward your resume to by Wednesday, April 12, 2017.