Every week our members produce incredible content on film and entertainment culture. This week we’ve got everything from Kpop and Taylor Sheridan’s latest, Wind River, to a podcast about The River Wild and an imperative piece on the trials of being a female writer.

Alex Henney

Recently, the Seventh Row Editor-in-Chief and her team had a profoundly disturbing encounter with a disgruntled filmmaker. Having become retaliatory due to an unfavourable review of his film, the filmmaker in question took to besmirch the name of both the Seventh Row as a website, Alex herself, and the writer of his films’ review. What became most troubling is that this vitriol seemed to be gender motivated. Unwilling to sit idly by and allow this harassment to continue, Alex and fellow Editor, Mary Angela Rowe, wrote this fearless editorial on the perils of writing while female.

Read the Editorial: The Perils of Writing While Female

Emily Gagne

For episode 27 of the Meryl Streep-centric podcast, What About Meryl?, Emily Gagne and her co-host, Danita Steinberg, take a trip down The River Wild. Tune in to find out more about the film, and the one thing Meryl would never do! You can find them on iTunes and Stitcher.

Listen to the Episode: Episode 27: The River Wild

Cindy Zimmer

Cindy, Editor-in-Chief of ATK Magazine, sums up their panel on Korean Indie Music 101 from Toronto Kpop Con. There’s tons of video from the panel proper, as well as some excellent lists of must-hear bands to check out.

Read the Piece: What happened at our “Korean Indie Music 101” Panel

James Green

This week on James’ podcast, Geek Hard, he interviews award-winning comic book artist Sean Phillips, and gets into the latest in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, Dead Men Tell No Tales, which opens in theatres this weekend.

Listen to the Episode: This Week’s Episode of Geek Hard: Kill Pirates or Be Killed With Sean Phillips

Sean Kelly

In an opinion piece for his website, Sean talks about Netflix in all its buffering glory.

Read the Piece: Monday Editorial: Reflections on Streaming (From My Parent’s Basement)

Kurt Halfyard

Fourteen years after its release, Kurt takes an in-depth look at the Oedipal sci-fi film Code 46. Tracing connections to Blade RunnerEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Lost in Translation, we’re given an intricate view of this mostly-forgotten flick.

Read the Review: 10+ Years Later: Code 46 Showed Us That We Are All Replicants

Marina Antunes

Following the success of Hell or High Water, actor-turned-writer Taylor Sheridan has a new film on the way. Here, Marina takes a look at the trailer for Sheridan’s latest, Wind River.

Read the Review: Hell or High Water Scribe Returns With Wind River

Ulkar Alakbarova

This week Ulkar takes a look at the Jonas Cuaron film Desierto starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Having premiered at TIFF in 2015, Desierto tells the story of a group of people desperately trying to cross the border from Mexico to the United States, while evading a crazed vigilante who’s taken border control into his own hands with lethal consequences.

Read the Review: Film Review: Desierto

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