Every week our members produce incredible content on film and entertainment culture. Enjoy our diverse selection this week, from Meryl Streep during the Great Depression to life on a commune, and of course, Wonder Woman.

Alex Henney

This week, Alex sat down with director Cristian Mungiu to discuss the art of filmmaking and the sound design of Graduation, the latest film from the acclaimed filmmaker.

Read the Interview: Director Cirstian Mungiu on the Sound Design of Graduation

Emily Gagne

For episode 28 of the Meryl Streep-centric podcast, What About Meryl?, Emily Gagne and her co-host, Danita Steinberg, venture to the Great Depression via 1987’s Ironweed. Tune in to find out how they truly feel about this less-than-stellar venture into Meryl’s outstanding canon. You can find them on iTunes and Stitcher.

Listen to the Episode: Episode 28: Ironweed

James Green

This week on James’ podcast, Geek Hard, it’s all about Wonder Woman as he and Diana McCallum review the new film. Tune in to find out who the special guest is!

Listen to the Episode: A Wonderful Show with Diana McCallum

Sean Kelly

This week, Sean’s Monday Editorial talks about the trials of freelancing, the difficulty of getting paid to do what you love, and his new Patreon account.

Read the Piece: Monday Editorial: Doing What You Love (And Not Getting Paid For It)

Gursimran Datla

For his blog, Gursimran writes about the Thomas Vinterberg flick The Commune, one of his favourite films of the year.

Read the Review: The Commune – Love is on Decline

Marina Antunes

Here, Marina takes a look at the trailer for the latest from filmmaker Lynne Ramsay; You Were Never Really Here.  Adapted from the Jonathan Ames novel of the same name, the Joaquin Phoenix starrer promises darkness and violence.

Read the Review: First Look at Lynne Ramsay’s YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE

Ulkar Alakbarova

Ulkar braved the terrible tide and rough seas to get you this review of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean installment: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Read the Review: Film Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

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