About the Canadian Association of Online Film Critics

The Canadian Association of Online Film Critics (CAOFC) is an association of online film critics, reporters, commentators, historians, scholars, editors and publishers of film journalism in all Canadian provinces and territories.

We offer membership to four types of members: Critics, Editors, Publishers, and Podcasters.

Our goal is to support the careers of current and emerging film critics, editors, publishers, and podcasters through fellowship, advocacy, and professional development.

We offer valuable membership benefits for each member level, courses and workshops, and monthly networking opportunities.

The CAOFC is a registered non-profit organization overseen by 11 volunteer board members. The Board is responsible for overseeing all financial and policy matters for the organization.


Our Mission

The mission of the Canadian Association of Online Film Critics is

  • to engage its members in the highest level of discourse in the art of cinema;
  • to encourage the exchange of ideas among its members;
  • to create a foundation for discourse outside of all ideological and political distinctions;
  • to encourage and welcome new, established and alternative forms of critical expression within a professional context;
  • to encourage the highest standards of film criticism;
  • to promote online journalism as an alternative source to mainstream print publications;
  • to promote the art of cinema as a means of cultural education;
  • to inspire, guide and support the highest levels of cinema literacy among both critics and readers;
  • to safeguard the freedom and ethics of film criticism, and, when required,
  • to offer training, advocacy and guidance for its members.

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